07 October, 2009

Where are my wheelbarrows full of cash and fat swag

Any manufacturers that wish to send me guns and gear to evaluate, I'm more than happy to do so. And to the FTC, stay out of my business you jackbooted anti capitalism thugs.

I own two CZ products and are my pistol of choice

My rifle is a Ruger 10/22. The finest mass produced .22 lr gun ever made.

I own a Lee Reloading Press and while widely acknowledged as somewhat less than RCBS or Hornady equipment, is more than enough for me at this point.

To you FTC, I call BULLSHIT! on your heavy handedness. GO take a long walk off a short pier.


Newbius said...

One of the points I am missing here is why, all of a sudden, the gun bloggers are announcing the contents of their safes? I mean, owning weapons and writing about weapons and 2nd Amendment rights issues still keeps the .GOV in the dark about what weapons they need to look for when they come house-to-house. Announcing things publicly by make and model, on the other hand, gives them adequate information to effect a warrant in advance of the searches and neutralizes a potential threat to their thuggery.

Or, maybe I am just being paranoid...

Top of the Chain said...

Maybe so, but far better to stand tall and face down tyranny.

Tangalor said...

"Maybe so, but far better to stand tall and face down tyranny."

Damn straight; ne'er a truer word hath been spoken.

If someone's scared about tyranny now, they may as well pack it up and move along with the rest of the line, because things could, and probably will, get much worse.

The fact that we can still talk about these things is a testament to our freedoms, however slimmer they may look at this time in history.