30 May, 2012

President refers to death camps as Polish

President Obummer Tuesday referred to the Nazi death camps as 'Polish death camps

It makes one wonder if he spoke to the gathering of people in Austrian

The man's ignorance is breathtaking. 

NSSF Economic Growth Report, or how the peaceably armed citizen is leading the economic recovery of the U.S.

According to an NSSF study detailing economic growth in the firearms industry.  According to the report 26,325 jobs have been created in the last two years by firearms manufacturers.


29 May, 2012

Three Missouri Mayors are members of MAIG

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay

University City Mayor Shelley Welsch


Lee's Summit Mayor Randall L Rhoads

Use the links to ask them why they wish to curtail your right to keep and bear arms, and why they would knowingly associate with criminals

27 May, 2012

Rock Band Fights Evil: The Rockening

Back in late April,  GI Joe: code name Spreadsheet, book bombed D.J. Butler. 

Today while browsing Amazon, I saw the second book in the series. It's free, gratis, no money spent on obtaining the dead pixel version of this series. 

If you're a fan of Spreadsheet's alter ego, you'll probably like this series.  I'm hooked.    

26 May, 2012

25 May, 2012

Begging to go to work, the curious case of why your interior designer goes through more hurdles than the local paramedic to earn a living..

Seeking permission to work, the idea of occupational licensing for a number of lower paying occupations is something many Americans are being required to seek now more than ever.  The Institute for Justice recently completed a study that delves into this subject.

Three states account for the greatest burdens, most licensed occupations and/or a combination of both.  Louisiana lists 71 out of the 102 studied occupations requiring licensing. Hawaii is the most burdensome and Arizona has the greatest combination of licensed occupations and licensing requirements. 

66 occupations have heavier licensing requirements than being an EMT,  literally someone who holds your life in their hands faces less licensing regulation than say, the most heavily regulated occupation. that of an interior designer. 

And for more, go here.

Friday Fun Track - Good Intentions

11 May, 2012

Friday Fun Track - Bombay Royale

Thanks again to my buddy Curt, for pointing this one out.  Way cool.  To me, this could fit right into an episode of Archer.

10 May, 2012


I suspect that Jack would want some federal or local police agency to do the taking.  Jack, anytime you're feeling froggy though, Molon Labe!

08 May, 2012

Hikin' yer jimmies up

Whereas it's perfectly legitimate for Fido to have his manhood swingin' in the breeze, hang a set of plastic testicles from your truck and that is somehow offensive.

Bollocks I say

Culling acres of bureaucrats

Recently Chris Christie was the keynote speaker at the Cato Institute's Milton Freedman Milton Friedman Prize Banquet.  

In listening to part of his address, he lays the claim that New Jersy had more state workers per square mile than any other state in the union.   This led me to think what hundreds of faceless drones indifferently bleating,  "We're the government and we're here to help." would look like.

Damn, that right there to me is a funny image.   And Christie has culled the herd.  

07 May, 2012

Daily Show examines MO. HB 1621

Recently The Daily Show, through it's comedic premise highlighted HB 1621 here in Missouri. 

Featured was Representative Wanda Brown, the author of the bill was asked if anyone has ever been discriminated against by their employer for owning guns.  Ms. Brown could not cite an example, but rather claimed this was a preventative bill. It is there to stop any future occurences of discrimination by employers. 

Ms. Brown claims to be an adovcate for rights, but when asked, Missouri's only openly gay legislator Mike Colona claims that during previously introduced legislation strengthening LGBT rights concerning workplace protections, Ms. Brown voted against such legislation. 

Human rights are there for everyone.  People demand we codify these with laws and legislation.   We might not like what someone chooses to own or how they choose to live their life, but that doesn't mean we should deny them the chance to do so.  If you don't stand up for what someone else believes in, how can you ask them to stand up for what you do?

04 May, 2012

Friday Fun Track - B

My buddy Curt had this in his collection for the ride to Memphis a month ago.   The name of the band had me predisposed to thinking it was a death metal band of some sort.  Not in the slightest.  Just good ole' American Rock n' Roll.