19 April, 2013

Gun grabbing tabled......for now

The Senate voted this week and amendments to the base bill were voted down, including the infamous Manchin-Toomey amendment. 

I'm gonna gloat a wee little bit and do my happy dance.  There's still lots of work to be done. I read Delaware is passing a bill for universal background checks.  And that brings me to this quote from the movie Serenity,

'Cause as sure as I know anything I know this: They will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground, swept clean. A year from now, ten, they'll swing back to the belief that they can make people... better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running. I aim to misbehave.

Right now they're trying again, and will continue to do so.  It's time for us to misbehave.  Call your politicians and let them know you'll "misbehave" at the polls.   Let them know there are political consequences to their actions. 

15 April, 2013

I can hear the howling already

Everyone is upset ( or is going to be) when they see this.  However, Do you want Chuck Schumer writing this? Or MAIG?  Maybe Eric Holder, hmmm? 

Nope, I want the guy who works with Alan Gura, to write bills that can be defeated. Also,  rights will be expanded if this bill becomes law.  Granted, it's not "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! MOLON LABE!" but, something is going to get passed. Our Congress, even the staunchest of liberty's defenders are spineless jellyfish. As Alan Gottlieb says, there are consequences if the system is abused.  Now the problem I foresee with that is that some vast number of prohibited persons filling out and/or falsifying a 4473, don't get prosecuted.  But I trust SAF a far sight more than the NRA who has been known to sell out for their own self interest. 

Also, I can't remember where, but there is something about if this were to be defunded, it would be permanently shut down. 

12 April, 2013

Friday Fun Track Don't Play Me a Punk Song!!!

Any band that can pull off wearing lederhosen...well, that's aces in my book.

11 April, 2013

Missouri Highway Patrol sells the people it's sworn to protect down the river

Two times now, the MHP has asked for, received and shared with the federal government, exactly who in Missouri has obtained a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.

The full story is here.

While not a gun registry per se, it is a registry of who has applied for and received a permit to conceal a weapon on their person legally.  Missouri law does not allow this.  It is up to MO AG Chris Koster to investigate and prosecute this. 

Edit: Please forgive me, law enforcement is not sworn to protect people, they are sworn to uphold and enforce the law. 

06 April, 2013

Sebastian and Bitter ofShall Not be Quesitoned point out the hypocrisy of MAIG

So, with two responses back from the Missouri contigent of MAIG,  both of them have said they either a. My position focuses specifically on gun violence, not the broad right to keep and bear arms. 

or b. I feel efforts to removeillegal guns from the streets are appropriate.  

But Sebastian of Shall Not be Questioned   has pictures & a video of a MAIG rally in Pennsylvania. 

Their end game is confiscation.   If you're not calling out these people every chance you get on their belief, then you should be.  Otherwise, we might find ourselves staring down the barrel of our rifles with a neighbor in our sights. 


05 April, 2013

University City Mayor responds to my letter

I've received the second of what is hopefully six replies, this time from Mayor Shelley Welsch, mayor of University City. 

Mr. Top of the Chain,

Thank you for your note. I appreciate your input.

I will not be renouncing my membership in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization. My first responsibility is to protect the safety of our residents.  I feel efforts to remove illegal guns from the streets are appropriate. 

I am not sure where the quote of Michael Bloomberg originated – during his work on this issue or his work on large sodas.  I will say, though, that I don’t believe any recommendations of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization infringe in any way on the rights of U.S. citizens.  Details of our proposals can be found at http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org/html/federal/federal.shtml.


Shelley Welsch

A common pattern seems to be emerging here, that these mayors want "illegal" guns off the streets.   Yet, when asked they cannot answer definitively, what exactly an "illegal" gun is.  Mayor Welsch asserts MAIG will not infringe upon the rights of U.S. Citizens.  But when Magpul, while fighting the Colorado bill, kept running into lobbyists from MAIG, it seems clear that the mayor is either uninformed about the organization she won't resign from, or a willing and active participant.   

Mayor Welsch is wrong, and shame on her for siding with bigots.   

03 April, 2013

Kansas City MO mayor responds to my letter

I must say, I wasn't expecting much from Mayor James.   I don't live in his city and his contact form indicated that his office wouldn't respond to inquiries outside of those who work or reside in the KCMO area.  So, thank you Mayor James for responding quite promptly. 

I never held hope a large city mayor would renounce his membership in this organization.  And his response is pretty much what I expected.

Thank you very much for expressing your concerns on this issue. Even though we do not agree on this issue, I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with me. 

My position focuses specifically on gun violence, not the broad right to keep and bear arms.  I want to prevent illegal weapons from hitting our streets because these types of weapons are being used to kill the citizens of this City.  In addition, I will continue advocating for municipalities’ rights to access, use, and share data related to best practices in enforcement and for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to have full authority to effectively enforce laws on illegal guns.
So the mayor wants to prevent illegal weapons from hitting our streets.  What exactly is an illegal weapon? Also the phrase;  These types of weapons?   Again, what types of weapons?

Finally why does a municipality need access to firearms trace data?  It is not the municipality's business to know.  Rather, it would be a law enforcement issue.

And mayor, the BATFE, through the Fast & Furious program, failed miserably at enforcing the laws on the books.  In fact, at least one border agent died, and countless Mexican Nationals also.  All of this stems from the ATF losing track of firearms they were tasked with tracing and not allowing to cross the border.  

Again, Mayor James, I call on you to resign your membership in MAIG. 

02 April, 2013

A letter sent to the Missouri member's of MAIG

I recently sent this letter to the Missouri members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns in the hope of them renouncing their membership in an organization whose members routinely violate the law.

The mayors are,

Mayor Linda Goldstein
Clayton, MO

 Mayor Sylvester "Sly" James Jr.
Kansas City, MO

Mayor Randall L. Rhoads
Lee's Summit, MO

Mayor Daniel Diplacido
Rock Hill, MO

Mayor Francis Slay
St. Louis, MO

Mayor Shelley Welsch
University City, MO

I would urge my readers to contact these mayors if you live in Missouri or your own if you reside in another state and demand to know why they would associate such an organization.


I am writing you to ask you why you are a member of the Michael Bloomberg led Mayors Against Illegal Guns?  

As a peacefully armed citizen, I find that when good law abiding citizens are armed, bad things that happen to them tend to go their way.  Yet MAIG is working to disarm me and millions of fellow gun owners. 

Perhaps you don't know some of your fellow MAIG members.  Let me introduce you to them and the hijnks they're involved in.  Recently we have Gainesville FL mayor Craig Lowe, arrested on drunk driving charges.

The full story can be found here. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/gainesville-fla-mayor-found-asleep-crashed-car-charged-dui-article-1.1295715

Also, Marcus Hook PA mayor James Schiliro had a police officer drive a 20 year old to his and allegedly offered sexual favors to the young man while intoxicated and waving a gun around. 


There are numerous other Mayors who have been less than lawful in their personal and professional lives.  Should you so desire, more information can be found here.


I certainly wouldn't be a part of an organization where my fellow members cannot hold themselves to the same standard they took an oath to defend, an oath you took as well.  Why would you?

Recently Michael Bloomberg said, "I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom."

No, no he doesn't get to infringe upon my freedom any more than I get to infringe upon his, or yours,  with a free pass.  If you believe that what Michael Bloomberg said is ok, then we have a problem.  The constitution is a check on the power of the government, not a permission slip for you to do as you see fit. 

Sometime, have you probably asked why someone needs an AR-15, or needs a standard capacity thirty round magazine?  Those are inappropriate questions.  The correct question you should be asking is this: What justification does the government have for infringing upon my right to keep and bear arms?

My sincerest hope is that you would help defend those you've been elected to serve from encroachment and erosion of their natural rights, not assist an organization seeking to curtail those rights. Would you please renounce your membership in Mayors Against Illegal Guns? Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to your reply.

We shall see what kind of response I get.   I will not hold my breath, but at least they know that we are watching them.