06 April, 2013

Sebastian and Bitter ofShall Not be Quesitoned point out the hypocrisy of MAIG

So, with two responses back from the Missouri contigent of MAIG,  both of them have said they either a. My position focuses specifically on gun violence, not the broad right to keep and bear arms. 

or b. I feel efforts to removeillegal guns from the streets are appropriate.  

But Sebastian of Shall Not be Questioned   has pictures & a video of a MAIG rally in Pennsylvania. 

Their end game is confiscation.   If you're not calling out these people every chance you get on their belief, then you should be.  Otherwise, we might find ourselves staring down the barrel of our rifles with a neighbor in our sights. 


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Old NFO said...

That it is... And even when 'caught' in the lie, they just lie again... sigh