30 April, 2010

Gesturing the proper response

Iran's tin pot dictator president has stated this.

"Any hand from anywhere in the world that wants to shoot at Iran will be cut off before pulling the trigger," Ahmadinejad said, addressing a group of Iranian people in the country's southern island of Kish on Thursday.


The 80/20 Rule

The Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule states that for many events 80% of effect is due to 20% of the causes.

Now plug that ratio into government. 20% of the government is going to care 80% of the time. Conversely, 80% of the government is going to care 20% of the time.

And people wish to play those odds?

Friday Fun Track - Bacon n' Diamonds Edition

Thanks to Mark at Questionable Pursuits for reminding me of this song.

29 April, 2010

Iran to lead UN Women's human rights commission

And this is the same body that is leading the relief effort in Haiti.

Iran has been elected to lead the Commission on the status of women.

The same country where a cleric said promiscuous women cause earthquakes. The same country that a female with a tan can be arrested.

Seriously? WTF?

28 April, 2010

Your Daley dose of Moonbat(tery)

Mayor "Dick" Daley in his PSH before McDonald v. Chicago is decided has seen fit to seek out redress of his grievances throw a temper tantrum through the International Court of Justice. The Illinois Supreme Court dismissed his 1998 lawsuit against the gun industry, not wanting to heap another whole class of nuisance lawsuits on the Illinois people.

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard Casauban noted that the Mexican government is waging a brutal war against drug cartels that get “85 percent” of their weapons from the United States.

They're still pulling out that statistic as somehow relevant, but it has already been disproven. Sure, 85% of the guns the Mexican gov't asks the ATF to trace can be traced to the U.S. However, Mexico sends LESS THAN twenty percent of the TOTAL number of guns seized to be traced. The rest of those guns are coming from South of Mexico's border.

It happened when Daley argued that Chicagoans have to "open our hearts and our pocketbooks" to save another generation from being lost.

"Dick", it appears that for the last twenty some odd years, Chicagoans have been opening up their pocketbooks to pay for your political failing you stupid little sycophant weasel. GET BENT YOU PROGRESSIVE WHORE! MOLON LABE!

26 April, 2010

BAG Day Purchase

I was a bad boy. I lied to my friends about not making a BAG Day purchase. I had the best of intentions in revealing my misdirection, and by the time, you gentle reader sees this, the ruse should be revealed. I knew I'd get a barrage of questions, before I ever had the gun in my hands as I put it on lay-away approximately one week ago at the local gun store. So without further ado, here it is.

I have been pining for something in .357 and I knew that my lust gun, a Colt Python was out of the question at the present time. When I walked in last Saturday to the local gun store, there it was. It does have the 2.5" barrel and I can buy through Dan Wesson both the 4" and 6" should I so desire. Ahhh, choices, I like choices. The gun does show some holster wear, and is DA/SA. The trigger pull is smooooooth and in SA the break is damn near nothing more than a thought.

Having some character with the holster wear, I decided to give the gun a nickname. I dubbed it Jaws. Since it's a Dan Wesson and DW shares his initials with this guy. I find it fitting.

23 April, 2010

Friday Fun Track - S & M Edition

Metallica, The San Francisco Symphonic Orchestra, put them together and you get a really powerful performance that is a sonic smorgasboard. Please, dig in and enjoy.

Hero of the Day doesn't really lend itself to orchestral accompaniment, but Devil's Dance with the brass and strings complement the song quite well. This song is probably my favorite song from the 2 disc set.

22 April, 2010

I'm a gun owner, 2nd Amendment supporter & a public figure but....

April 19, Patriot's Day. The day most commonly associated with the shot that was heard round the world. April 19, the day a tyrannical government decided to torture children by steadily increasing the use of CS (tear gas) on helpless victims devoid of gas masks that would ultimately end with their deaths at the hands of the ATF and the FBI. April 19, the day the largest resistance by the Jews against the Nazi's began. April 19, the day a vile human being used a day steeped in noble resistance to commit a horrid act of terrorism against innocents. April 19, the day when people met in Washington D.C. to voice their support of the 2nd Amendment and in Virginia to exercise their right and voice their opinion in regards to their right to keep and bear arms.

And that brings me to one Mr John Ulett. John Ulett or the U Man as he is sometimes known is a long time KSHE DJ having been with the station continously since 1976. John wrote a short blog post on his questionable support of the 2nd Amendment.

#1) I am a supporter of the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I am a gun owner. I am considering getting a conceal and carry permit. I am not afraid Barak Obama is gonna come and take my guns and anyone who thinks so or spreads that rumor has nothing to base it on. He's done nothing as President to do anything like that. He's even said so. Granted, he is not a supporter of gun rights but he's said. He doesn't want to take away your damn guns. With that, I want to say, for right wing nut gun owners to protest in Washington with their guns in tow on the day of the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is a sickening act of Anti-Americanism. If you have any respect for our fellow citizens who died or were maimed in that horrendous domestic terrorist attack, you would not, ON THAT ANNIVERSARY, have marched with your gun to protest the U.S. government. There is a time and a place for a protest. The anniversary of the worst domestic terrorist attack on our country was NOT the day. The right wingers are losing touch with reality. Don't be among them. Let common sense prevail.

I am not certain if John is aware of these other significant historical events. Furthermore, I am not certain if he is aware that it is a crime for a citizen to carry openly or concealed an sort of firearm in the nation's capital. Either way, thanks,but no thanks Mr Ulett, your lukewarm support of the 2nd Amendment is something I and others can do without. You silly Fudd.

Should anyone wish to educate John Ulett in regards to these historical events, he can be reached via e-mail at johnu@stl.emmis.com

It's grill a spotted owl day

Well, all the watermelons should be getting ready to go and give the local maple tree a great big hug. This is supposed to bring you closer to being one with Mother Gaia. The problem is, that bitch keeps throwing earthquakes and volcanoes at us, so she can fend for herself I think. Meh, I wonder if spotted owl tastes like chicken? Perhaps if I roast it over the lava flow from the Iceland volcano, it would taste better.

Of course I prefer this celebration coming up on Saturday. The radio spot claims they're gonna burn gas, rubber and meat. That sounds like it's made of win.

21 April, 2010


I suppose that some people are jealous in that I write a blog. Granted, I'm not by ANY stretch of the imagination a great writer. As I've stated before, my blog is my personal publishing point. I allow comments on most every post I put up, but like an editor at the newspaper, I get to pick and choose what gets posted for the public to see. Your right to free speech ends where my blog begins. If you wish to libel me, then write your own damn blog. Trolls will not be tolerated.

19 April, 2010

HB1802 to be heard by Senate Committee tomorrow

From an NRA-ILA alert

Pro-Gun Bill to be Heard Next Week!
Please Contact the Members of the Senate General Laws Committee!

On Tuesday, April 20, the Senate General Laws Committee will consider legislation (House Bill 1802) that would repeal a 1971 Missouri law that restricts interstate purchase of rifles and shotguns. HB1802 will be heard at 1:30 p.m. in room SCR 1.

Sponsored by State Representative Chuck Gatschenberger (R-13), HB1802 would allow Missouri residents to purchase rifles and shotguns in any state and would also permit residents of other states to purchase rifles and shotguns in Missouri.

HB1802 already passed the House unanimously.

Please contact the members of the Senate General Laws Committee to respectfully voice your support of HB 1802. Contact information can be found below.

State Senator Jack Goodman (R-29) – Chairman
(573) 751-2234

State Senator Scott Rupp (R-2) – Vice Chair
(573) 751-1282

State Senator Carl Vogel (R-6)
(573) 751-2076

State Senator Yvonne Wilson (D-9)
(573) 751-9758

State Senator Dan Clemens (R-20)
(573) 751-4008

State Senator Ryan McKenna (D-22)
(573) 751-1492

State Senator Delbert Scott (R-28)
(573) 751-8793

Please, contact your state Senator and the members of this committee and ask them to support this bill.

16 April, 2010

Friday Fun Track Fuhgedaboutit Edition

That sharpest of marbles posted this up and I had to find out who the singer was. Here she is doing a song that should be instantly recognizable to most everyone.

15 April, 2010

**it Happens

I'll forgive Jeremy Clarkson for being a smarmy know it all Brit who tells it like it is in the case of automobiles. Lucky bastard gets to drive some top notch machinery and not pull any punches in critiquing the rolling art. However, he makes a valid point in this piece for The Sunday Times.

We seem to have lost sight of the fact that throughout history 90% of people have behaved quite normally 90% of the time. Agatha Christie, for instance, was home-schooled and at no point was she forced to eat breadcrumbs from her neighbour’s bird table.

Clarkson makes the claim that 5% of the population is bonkers. So the rest of sane 95% should be able to reach some common ground, right?

14 April, 2010

Sting performs secret concert for human rights violator

Link here.

He told the Guardian, a British newspaper, that the concert was sponsored by UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, though the relief organization denies it was involved in the concert.

Hell, even the UN won't publicly admit to having anything to do with this guy. I guess even liars, crooks and thieves have a moral floor.

“I am well aware of the Uzbek president's appalling reputation in the field of human rights as well as the environment. I made the decision to play there in spite of that."

"I have come to believe that cultural boycotts are not only pointless gestures, they are counter-productive, where proscribed states are further robbed of the open commerce of ideas and art and as a result become even more closed, paranoid and insular."

So playing a secret, non disclosed concert for a dictator to line your pockets is somehow culturally enlightening? Yeah, and I'm Gandhi. The sheer unmitigated hypocrisy that this man shows, the arrogance he extrudes is mind boggling. Look there Stuart, if you're gonna practice capitalism, just come out and downright support it.

12 April, 2010

Scoring another knockout

Larry Correia , former gun dealer, accountant and oh, he's a published author has posted sample chapters of his newest project, The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic. Set in the 1920's, where magical powers have manifested themselves among the populace, Larry is writing a Tommy gun filled action story that will have you on the edge of your seat in no time. Go and check out the sample chapters Larry's posted.When it's published in 2011, be sure to hit your favorite book store and read the rest of the story.

PSH over Gun Rights

In case anyone hasn't heard, the Arizona legislature recently passed Constitutional Carry or permitless concealed carry. It is awaiting the governor's signature. The PSH from the anti gun crowad amuses me. Here's a quote from one of my personal favorite moonbats.

That does it for me and Arizona. If I go, I race into Grand Canyon, look around with all the other tourists and get the hell out.

It just warms the cockles of my heart, knowing that every victory causes the bigots worry and frustration.

08 April, 2010

Read My Lips....

We need new taxes.... Ok, so Paul Volcker believes we need a value added tax. But what about Øbamacare, that according to the Øbamessiah, somehow by forcing the purchase of health care by nearly everyone (and by nearly everyone, I leave out the congressional staffers who exempted themselves) we are going to somehow save trillions of dollars. Yet, Mr. Volcker believes we need a VAT to tame the deficit. I'm NOT an economist and I DON'T play one on the internet, but why does this smell like a Keynesian idea?

The entire middle class is going to get the short end of the stick if this goes into effect.

h/t to the P/Oed Patriot

06 April, 2010

Don't pet the sweaty things....

And don't sweat the petty things. All day at seemingly random times these insignificant events in my life have popped into my brain. Instances where the situation didn't go my way, where I could have cried 'NOT FAIR!' and made a big fuss out of it. Nope, I hiked up my big boy pants and soldiered on. The thing that pisses me off the most, is that I had to relive these moments and remake the decision to live with the consequence of my action. Between the DQ chocolate malt and the new Harry Dresden novel, I'll feel better.

05 April, 2010

Øbama to throw first pitch of the season

It seems the Øne is going to try and make up for hitting the dirt at the All Star game last year. Just a fashion tip for the Ø. Don't wear your Mom Jeans.

01 April, 2010

It doesn't surprise me

Phil Hare (D)umbass I-L(ie) states in the video that he doesn't care about the Constitution. Newsflash there skippy, you swore an oath to uphold and defend it. My deepest sincerest wish is that you and like minded congresscritters are so shunned and ostracized that you have to actually find menial work after November 2,2010.

QOTD - holding it over their head edition

I find it satisfying that there exist some who spend their lives negatively obsessing over what I do or say on any given day. That's power.
- Dana Loesch, Conservative Blogger and Radio Talk Show Host via Twitter

As it relates to gun control, I feel the same sentiment knowing that the likes of Josh Sugarmann, Paul Helmke and the rest of the bigots out there obsess over my right to keep and bear arms. It warms the cockles of my heart.