28 June, 2011

CSI: Dog Walk

I ran across this from a friend on FB.

A New Hampshire apartment complex is mandating that residents submit pet DNA samples.

It seems that some dog owners are conveniently ignoring the courtesy of removing their dog's waste from the apartment complex. Now, discovering Fido's patty surprise as your walking your dog is not fun. Why anyone would respond to this with anything other than "it's none of your damn business." is beyond me.

And if you should see a ginger in sunglasses with a seriously dramatic look, you know someone is about to be charged with leaving crap on concrete.

Needed one clue bat

Marianne Mollmann of Human Rights Watch has pointed out that all of the democracy tyranny breaking out due to Arab Spring, there aren't a whole lot of the fairer sex vying for positions of power. And lo and behold, she holds up the US as a poor example;

To be sure, many Western democracies are bad role models when it comes to women's political participation and leadership. In the United States, only 89 of the 535 members of Congress - 16.6 percent -- are women, and fewer than a quarter of the members of the French and Canadian parliaments are women. This situation is appalling and needs to change.

Huh? I thought the idea was to vote for someone not based upon how their sex chromosomes were arranged. But here's the thing, Arabs = Muslims = women treated as second class citizens. Women in Saudi Arabia can't drive for sweet Vishnu's sake. And you expect them to hold positions of political power? Not if even the most liberal Muslim cleric has anything to say about it. And you can bet your sweet Fatwah that they'll decree a stoning or honor raping is in order to keep the girls in their place.

24 June, 2011

Friday (NOT) Fun Track - The Internationale

This week's music selection comes from being bummed that Kevin Baker has decided to take a hiatus from blogging for awhile. Misery loves company, and well, this week's track is the epitome of misery.

The Internationale is THE anthem for socialism. Lyrics to the Billy Bragg version below. And yes, what Gerard Vanderleun said still holds -
There are some lies that lodge so deep in the hopes of man that they can never be killed no matter how many are killed to make the lie true.

Stand up, all victims of oppression,
For the tyrants fear your might!
Don't cling so hard to your possessions,
For you have nothing if you have no rights!
Let racist ignorance be ended,
For respect makes the empires fall!
Freedom is privilege extended,
Unless enjoyed by one and all.
So come brothers and sisters,
For the struggle carries on.
The Internationale,
Unites the world in song.
So comrades, come rally,
For this is the time and place!
The international ideal,
Unites the human race.

Let no one build walls to divide us,
Walls of hatred nor walls of stone.
Come greet the dawn and stand beside us,
We'll live together or we'll die alone.
In our world poisoned by exploitation,
Those who have taken, now they must give!
And end the vanity of nations,
We've but one Earth on which to live.
So come brothers and sisters,
For the struggle carries on.
The Internationale,
Unites the world in song.
So comrades, come rally,
For this is the time and place!
The international ideal,
Unites the human race.

And so begins the final drama,
In the streets and in the fields.
We stand unbowed before their armour,
We defy their guns and shields!
When we fight, provoked by their aggression,
Let us be inspired by life and love.
For though they offer us concessions,
Change will not come from above!
So come brothers and sisters,
For the struggle carries on.
The Internationale,
Unites the world in song.
So comrades, come rally,
For this is the time and place!
The Internationale,
Unites the human race.

23 June, 2011

What they say and what they mean

this is from a recent news article in regards to a shooting in *SHOCK* East St. Louis.

"There is so much more we need to be doing in terms of getting guns out of the hoodies and from under the t-shirts and out of vehicles," said East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks. "In Illinois, we don't have a carry and conceal law and there is no one who should have a gun in their possession that is loaded except for the police. What's troubling me is that these guns keep getting in the wrong hands.

This is what I hear from these bleating sheep. Bold emphasizes my selective BS hearing.

"There is so much more we need to be doing in removing peoples natural right to defend themselves" said East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks. "In Illinois, we keep voting down a carry and conceal law and there is no one who should have the power to defend themselves against armed violence except for the police. What's troubling me is that these wogs keep wanting to exercise their natural rights.

Please note, I am not advocating for guns to be used to commit crimes.

I should expand

Recently Diana Wueger tweeted about the futility of covering domestic firearms laws.  I misunderstood her tweet and took exception to it.  She explained that she was being self deprecating and went on to ask me what regulations I'd do away with.  Being twitter I couldn't give too long winded of an answer and off the cuff I replied with NFA 34'. 

Now NFA 34' otherwise known as 26 U.S.C. ch. 53.  This is the federal basis for gun control in the United States.  It taxes certain guns and other related items.  I don't believe for a minute that Congress would repeal this law.  It will be up to the ultimately SCOTUS to rule on the legality of taxing exercising your codified natural right. 

In keeping with the ideal that all politics are local, I'd work at my state level here in Missouri to have state pre-emption of open carry.  Missouri is unique in that state pre-emption in regards to firearms is applicable to everything but OPEN CARRY. 

Beyond that, I would work toward making Missouri another Constitutional Carry state. 

Old P.T. sure was right

There's a sucker born every minute.

18 June, 2011

17 June, 2011

Striking the dead equine over & over

But THIS is the problem with your's and mine country.

I swear, it's like Johnny the bully's mom saying if you just gave Johnny a stick, rather than his fists to beat up the weak kids for their milk money, Johnny wouldn't beat the weak kids up.

Friday Fun Track - Lord Have Mercy

Lord Have Mercy... like that ancient Chinese curse, we're living in interesting times.

14 June, 2011

No, DeNiro wasn't driving

But last night I had a rather vivid dream that I shared a cab with P.J. O'Rourke.

12 June, 2011

Mike Barkley, who many people in the gun rights community know as MikeB30200, is an anti rights blogger.  It appears he is running for congress on an anti 2nd Amendment platform. 

Weerd has much more here.

We must be the change we wish to see

Robb makes a valid point.  What have you done to step up?  That's what I thought.

07 June, 2011

Hey Doctor, MYODB!

So Florida's canker mechanics are all upset that a bad law was passed that restricts their First Amendment right to ask their patients about firearms in the home.

While it is none of my doctor's business what sorts of tools I keep around the house, it's his or her right to speak.  With very few exceptions, the government has no business curtailing what someone says.

I've given this some thought, and I would ask my doctor why he wants to know this. Second I'd ask if they currently own any firearms. (Hey no one said I couldn't answer a question with a question.) Third, if he didn't I'd invite him to come to the range.  I would try to show him how much fun going to the range can be.

Barring all that, should he refuse to simply drop the matter, I'd go find a doctor that left my tool choice to me and tell him to mind his own damn business.

Update: Newbius in comments left in this post, pointed me at this.   That works, I'm certain a lawyer would have a field day with a doctor's testimony after signing that.

03 June, 2011

QOTD - Beautiful Violence

Two-and-a-half tons of screaming pissed off Dakar truck flying four feet off the ground at 80 miles and hour- beautiful violence. - Benjamin K. Slocum Esq.
The only thing I'd add is that I'd like to see that in person - TotC

Friday Fun Track - 10-4 good buddy edition

Crank up your linear amps and give them smokies fits.

01 June, 2011

Lessons learned; reloading and that whole Front sight, press! really does work

Shooting is an activity that demands constant attention.  Sure, you can go and buy a box of .22 lr shells and blast holes in paper for an afternoon to have fun.  Loading your own formula of ammunition allows you to tailor a load to your guns unique characteristics. For example I shoot a 125 gr Rainier copper coated lead FMJ slug.  I use CCI small pistol primers igniting 4.2 grains of Bullseye, loaded to an overall length of 1.15 inches.  As shown below, the middle of the target shows my first three magazines.  At this point I was feeling pretty good about what I had done.


Notice though the difference with the orange target circles, particularly the upper right one.  This was my first three magazines at one of the orange circles.   They allowed me to focus on a particular spot and tighten up my groups.  At this point I am still shooting 4.2 grain loads.  A drawback to this load was a lot of stovepipes and jams with the gun. 

It wasn't until my last six magazines that I began shooting a load consisting of 4.3 grains of Bullseye.  I had only one stove pipe and I chalk that up to a gun that had something like 500 + rounds through it since it's last cleaning. The gun ran reliably  What changed besides upping my powder load by 1/10th of a grain of powder? Tune in tomorrow and find out. 

Moving on to