28 June, 2011

Needed one clue bat

Marianne Mollmann of Human Rights Watch has pointed out that all of the democracy tyranny breaking out due to Arab Spring, there aren't a whole lot of the fairer sex vying for positions of power. And lo and behold, she holds up the US as a poor example;

To be sure, many Western democracies are bad role models when it comes to women's political participation and leadership. In the United States, only 89 of the 535 members of Congress - 16.6 percent -- are women, and fewer than a quarter of the members of the French and Canadian parliaments are women. This situation is appalling and needs to change.

Huh? I thought the idea was to vote for someone not based upon how their sex chromosomes were arranged. But here's the thing, Arabs = Muslims = women treated as second class citizens. Women in Saudi Arabia can't drive for sweet Vishnu's sake. And you expect them to hold positions of political power? Not if even the most liberal Muslim cleric has anything to say about it. And you can bet your sweet Fatwah that they'll decree a stoning or honor raping is in order to keep the girls in their place.

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