13 June, 2012

So when is the right time to lay claim to standing your ground?

And this is what we fight:

The parents of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin say Floridians who initiate confrontations should not be allowed to invoke the state’s “stand-your-ground law,” which permits using deadly force against those who pose a risk of killing or seriously injuring someone.

Pray tell, why? exactly should we not be allowed to invoke it?  Who initiated this confrontation?   It is not known, as far as I can tell.   That is why George Zimmerman sits in a jail cell in Florida awaiting trial.  

11 June, 2012

Wisconsin Governors Race 2010 & 2012, it wasn't about the money.

What happened in Wisconsin in the recall election is telling.   For all the disparity of money that was spent by the Republicans vs. the Democrats, the polling numbers are remarkably similiar.

In 2010 they look like this

Walker 52.3%

Barrett 46.6%

In 2012 they are as follows

Walker 53.1%

Barrett 46.3%

Historically, unions have been well organized and are able to motivate and influence their membership to vote the union's preference.  It is fascinating that not being buried in with a lot of other political races, the democrats were unable to gather enough support to sway the vote.  Walker gained .8% of the vote and Barrett lost .3% of it. 

I've seen figures that various pro Walker organizations and such outspent pro Barrett supporters 4 to 1.  All to gain less than one percent of the total vote?  It wasn't money that kept Scott Walker in the Wisconsin governors seat, it was the same folks before liking what he's done and supporting him to continue doing what he's doing. 

08 June, 2012

Hell & No

Environmental wackos these days, watcha gonna do with them?  It seems that six groups feel the need to pester peaceably armed citizens about the lead they fill their hands with, when it comes time to harvest Bambi. 

Tam, back in 2010 had something to say about this previously.

* There is anecdotal evidence that the banning of traditional ammunition would have an adverse impact on government bureaucrat populations.

It would also have an adverse impact on environmentalist and junk scientist populations.

There was a little black spot on the sun Tuesday

Just because Venus transited in front of the sun this past Tuesday.  

07 June, 2012

QOTD - Elie Mystal

And please, never own a gun. It’s exactly the kind of people who don’t know how to take care of themselves without a weapon who think that owning a firearm will somehow make it all better — and then end up shooting their way out of a situation that simply required some common sense.

QOTD found here.

I was reminded of Robb's post about driving to work  the other day when I read the above quote.  Of course instead of whipping out his gat and gunning down the offender, he thought discretion was in order and simply walked away.  A gun doesn't make it all better, but better to be armed and able to respond with equal or superior force than to cower when someone who lacked restraint visits violence upon you. 

06 June, 2012

I sure hope democracy is dead

Just to be clear, America is representative republic.  Them tears are sooooo sweet, now to figure out a way to become an evil capitalist and collect & market sweet commie tears.

(update) And yet, Republicans are the violent ones.  

Whatcha doin? Imma fixin to call me out some cracka gun shop owners.

So Jesse Jackson is gonna march on gun shops?  Part of an industry that had a 30.6 percent job growth between 2008 and 2011, he's going to attack a growing part of our economy where jobs to be created.  How fun is it going to be watching this foul piece of humanity leave loafer prints on his genitalia. 

05 June, 2012

Consequences, a parent spared the rod, and now the child is spoiled

Courtesy of Weerd, it is jaw dropping that there is no remorse shown by either of these spoiled brats.  You have to wonder, where did the money come from for Starbucks. 

01 June, 2012

Nifty video of a F1 car cut in half

I love it when the engineer refers to driver Sergio Perez as just another component. 

Friday Fun Track - Cake

I always think of the Indianapolis 500 when I hear this song.