27 March, 2013

An example of the left's idea of tolerance

This comes from a Facebook conversation I have access to.  The names of the posters are scrubbed to protect them.    The conversation itself is about gay marriage, and should homosexuals have access to the same civil legal precedents that heterosexual couples have.  

I'm seeing a lot of unnecessary and negative posts towards the equal marriage rights movement. I know the bible, and its teachings. Just because the bible says that homosexuality is a sin, doesn't give you the right to get up on your "high horse" and call out the homosexuals and condemn them for their sins. Guys, that's not our duty. Our duty is to love as Christ does us. We are not to judge others for their sins by any means, period. Jesus died for the homosexuals just as much as he did for you. Remember that.

A nice sentiment and shows that the originator seems to be ok with gay marriage.

Now comes this;

If you are seeing them then you have the wrong friends. I'm seeing tolerance and support and that is all that is required. 

This person is questioning the original poster's choice of who they let into their life.  Telling them their choice of friends should be questioned.  This poster has obviously picked his friends to his criteria, as they are full of tolerance and support. 

This poster goes on to explain himself:

It means you've surrounded yourself with the wrong people. If  <redacted> has friends that aren't tolerant or supportive of others choices that have no bearing on their personal lives, then what kind of friend is that? Change gay to Cheetos and see how stupid it looks.   

I don't know, what kind of friend is that?  Somehow I am supposed to be tolerant of people I don't know and the choices they make, but people I've invested time in, spent time with and call my friend, I let them hang?   Here's a question, say I've a friend who decides to rob a bank.  He doesn't involve me in it, yet if I'm intolerant of his criminal activity, then I'm somehow a bad person?   

Finally, the last post so far by this bastion of tolerance.

As a <redacted> tolerance and understanding run deep and go both ways. <redacted> makes an excellent, well stated point.

Ummm, no, no it doesn't.  Not when you attack the original poster's choice of friends for believving differently.  

This, this is what is wrong with what we believe is tolerance in our world today.   

As for whether or not I support gay marriage, well I think that great Texan philosopher Kinky Friedman said it best.

"I support gay marriage because I believe they have right to be just as miserable as the rest of us!"