23 August, 2011

Day by Day Cartoon nails it again

Chris Muir brings the funny against the (not so)great grey lady and her lickspittle Lichtblau.

19 August, 2011

Friday Fun Track - Guns of Brixton

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Perhaps those <strike> citizen's </strike> subject's of the formerly Great Britain can find inspiration in the guns of Brixton and go back to being citizens. With ALL of the inherent human rights they are currently denied, including the right to self defense.

18 August, 2011

Penn Jillette gets it, we don't know

Penn Jillette recently wrote an op-ed piece for CNN.com

Among the questions asked was how we can help everyone. His answer was a simple "I don't know." How do you assist every single individual, regardless whether or not they want that help? I don't know. When I posted the link to a friend's Facebook page, another commenter had this to say about Penn Jillette's answer;
Being Libertarian is not political skepticism. It's a very dogmatic view. Equating it with Atheism is a reach. Libertarian philosophy is not one of "I don't know," it is one not unlike any other that claims very much to know and asserts its claims universally.
As Uncle said in his post about this, why would I offer an alternative plan?

16 August, 2011

Humor is where you find it

And the following video has plenty of it. Point shooting, crossing fields of fire, badass posery. Speaking of the silliness that is 'point shooting" (oh the jocularity of missing your target and instead hitting granny because you couldn't take the split second to get a rough sight picture, good times with your lawyer and the criminal courts will ensue) three of the four photographs shown on this page have the "warrior" point shooting. There's more comedic gold in that thar talkie picture show. Please, don't spit your soda all over your computer screen.

12 August, 2011

11 August, 2011

Nuh-uh, that's unpossible!!

So it seems that a Chicago street thug choir boy was a teensy bit pissed that his mama got hauled away for having guns in the house.
Flamo’s not happy. Standing on the porch of his Englewood home, chilly winter air streaming in through an open front door, the furious and pistol-packing ex-con (by his own admission he’s spent nearly half his 32 years in prison) is vowing revenge.
Now how is it that a convicted ex-con has a gun? That's unpossible, especially in Chicago.

Collectivist in training "feels" that guns on college campus' are a bad thing, mmm'kay?

So Jess Coleman, a 17 year old statist publishes a piece that attackes the
notion that guns on college campuses would be a good thing.  His reasoning is thus;
The argument that guns act as a deterrent is absurd. As Wentworth mentioned, the killer at Virginia Tech was a “deranged, suicidal madman.” That kind of person will surely not be scared of students with guns, especially considering he planned to kill himself anyway.
So a gun is not a deterrent? And I would ask, would he pull a gun on a person knowing that their opponent had the means to defend themselves? I sure as hell wouldn't. But, then again, it is all about projection of the leftist's feeling that matters, not simple facts.

10 August, 2011

I don't think he realize's he's low hanging fruit

So some Hollywood blogger gets a hard on about rounding up tea party members and sending them to reeducation camps. I don't believe the blogger has ever heard of the Clinton rules of engagement. From Sipsey Street Irregulars
Second, please recall Bill Clinton's rules of engagement as applied to the Serbs in 1999, wherein he decided that the political leaders, bureaucratic support structure, media infrastructure and intellectual underpinnings of his enemies' war effort were legitimate targets of war. No one else may have been paying attention to the unintended consequences of that, but many folks on our side of the present divide were.
Second, when democracy becomes tyranny, I still get to vote. So there Comrade Wells, don't start none, won't be none. Or, are you feeling froggy?

01 August, 2011

Love the Beast - a movie review

Weerd gave a short movie review of a number of movies.  Among them was "Love the Beast" a film by Eric Bana. In it, he chronicles his many year love affair with a Ford Falcon XB Coupe.

Car folks should appreciate it, as it helps convey that sense of love one has for an object that allows us a freedom that wasn't imaginable 100 years ago. The freedom to travel vast distances in relative comfort in short periods of time. The film also conveys the bond people have with their friends over such a machine.

There are some beautiful scenes of Targa Tasmania, where a good portion of the film is shot. Watching an event that receives minimal coverage here in the U.S. is worth the time to view the film. The movie is available on Hulu for viewing as well. It is rated R for language.