01 August, 2011

Love the Beast - a movie review

Weerd gave a short movie review of a number of movies.  Among them was "Love the Beast" a film by Eric Bana. In it, he chronicles his many year love affair with a Ford Falcon XB Coupe.

Car folks should appreciate it, as it helps convey that sense of love one has for an object that allows us a freedom that wasn't imaginable 100 years ago. The freedom to travel vast distances in relative comfort in short periods of time. The film also conveys the bond people have with their friends over such a machine.

There are some beautiful scenes of Targa Tasmania, where a good portion of the film is shot. Watching an event that receives minimal coverage here in the U.S. is worth the time to view the film. The movie is available on Hulu for viewing as well. It is rated R for language.

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Old NFO said...

I'll go dig that one out :-) Thanks!