11 August, 2011

Collectivist in training "feels" that guns on college campus' are a bad thing, mmm'kay?

So Jess Coleman, a 17 year old statist publishes a piece that attackes the
notion that guns on college campuses would be a good thing.  His reasoning is thus;
The argument that guns act as a deterrent is absurd. As Wentworth mentioned, the killer at Virginia Tech was a “deranged, suicidal madman.” That kind of person will surely not be scared of students with guns, especially considering he planned to kill himself anyway.
So a gun is not a deterrent? And I would ask, would he pull a gun on a person knowing that their opponent had the means to defend themselves? I sure as hell wouldn't. But, then again, it is all about projection of the leftist's feeling that matters, not simple facts.

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Old NFO said...

Meh- One more product of the education system... sigh...