30 June, 2010

Missouri HB 2081

The bill specifies that a pregnant woman may use deadly force if she reasonably believes that deadly force is necessary to protect her unborn child against death, serious physical injury, or any forcible felony.

Beforehand, if a pregnant women defended herself and her unborn child, she could be criminally prosecuted. This legislation would correct that glaring deficiency.   Why hasn't Governor Nixon signed this legislation yet?   Perhaps it's time for the good people of Missouri to turn the heat up on Governor Nixon. 

The bill can be found here.

29 June, 2010

I doubt it'll be deemed such

But wouldn't it be sweet if the .gov deemed the Chicago Handgun ban a hate crime?

According to the Wiki entry, a hate group is designated as such;

A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates hate, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other designated sector of society.

Common sense would tell you that gun owners are a "other designated sector of society." Today, as the Supreme Court recognized the fundamental, enumerated right for an individual to keep and bear arms,  those seeking to usurp and undermine that right should rightfully be considered the same as the KKK, with all the same scorn that they enjoy in today's enlightened society. 

Robb Allen has captured The Brady Campaign's Wiki entry, where according to the third paragraph, they're a designated hate group.  The VPC Wiki entry should be edited as well. 

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Jennings MO NEA votes "No Confidence" against school board

And before you can say "I brought you an apple"  it seems the board is being accused of being bloated with pay raises to administration officials while the rest of the district faces a deficit.

However, how on God's sweet earth does the Jenning NEA think it can vote 'no confidence' against the school board?  Hello, the board is the ones who get to decide these kinds of things.  It's symbolic, just like everything else the NEA is doing these days is.

The inmates(Jennings NEA) are running the asylum.  The school board has left class early and the children suffer.  Is it any wonder why the state of Missouri has rules in place to take over financially troubled school districts?

28 June, 2010

The NRA's position on the DISCLOSE act

Rachel Parsons of the NRA spoke with Dana Loesch of The Dana Show today. The topic was the NRA stepping aside selling out to the Democrats for an exemption.  In stating the NRA's position, Rachel Parsons stated,  "we had to put the Second Amendment over the First Amendment."  When Dana Loesch pushed the issue, asking  Ms. Parsons if some amendments have greater value than others?  Her reply, "I would certainly never say that one freedom in this country is more important than the other." 

It seems Ms. Parsons can't decide what exactly the NRA's position is.  By their actions, they are against free speech.  By the statement of their media representative, they appear to be waffling. 

The audio is here and the interview begins at about 17:00 in. 

I know, I know, don't count your chickens before they're hatched

However, the Supreme Court has decided to wait until the last day of it's current sitting to hand down it's decision on McDonald v. Chicago. 

Chief Justice Roberts appears to be the Justice writing this opinion, and if Heller is any indication, we'll see a specific enumerated right restored to the people. 

Perhaps I'll send Mayor Daley a fresh package of Fruit of the Looms so he can change from all the PSH that is sure to follow.

25 June, 2010

One year later

Michael Jackson...... still dead.

I heard he wants Gary Coleman to put on some garanimals and pretend......

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23 June, 2010

Congresscritter Hare and the Tortoise

Ol' Phil Hare loves the camera.  His handlers, not so much

That tortoise that is the average citizen holding these congresscritter's feet to the fire are the ones that are going to win the race.

h/t to Dana

DISCLOSE(ure) just won't die

The congresscritters just don't seem to get it. An unpopular bill was partially overturned the last year by the Supreme Court regarding political free speech. 

Last week, the NRA tried to sell that specific enumerated right down the river by standing aside in regards to the DISCLOSE act.  After the NRA-ILA was inundated with phone calls from the rank and file expressing their displeasure with the NRA's stance, the NRA somewhat capitulated.

Now it seems the Democritters think they have enough votes to pass this blatant attempt to curb yours, mine, our free speech.  I swear I need to put my congressman's number on speed dial. 

22 June, 2010

The government HATES competition

Have you ever given thought as to why the police offer the following advice?

Well, the police are fully engaged...dedicating themselves to stopping violence and helping the neighborhood feel safe again. They suggest that "whatever you do, comply with what the robbers want because whatever you have is not worth being shot over."

If YOU decide that your right to life, property, or your body is worth defending, then you are in direct competition with law enforcement.   It's a stacked deck in that you're subject to the whims of that same said law enforcement.  When it comes to your life, you are ultimately responsible for it. 

h/t to Breda

21 June, 2010

Meanwhile at 2 United Nations Plaza....

While the NRA did attempted to sell out political free speech, the IANSA met for the 2010 Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms.

Among the guests of dishonor was George Soros lackey Rebecca Peters.  The text of the presentations are available by googling IANSA 2010 Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms.  A particular chilling quote from her is this;

So we still need strong coordinated measures to limit the quantities and the types of
small arms that can be produced, imported and sold; and to regulate the purchase, use
and storage of these weapons, whether by governments or by civilians. These must be
underpinned by measures enabling the weapons to be tracked, removed and if necessary
destroyed to protect public safety.
So while a supposed defender of one aspect of our personal liberties was busy selling us down the river, more nefarious characters were plotting long term ways to take away our sacred Second Amendment rights.  Remember, ultimately the only defender of your rights, is you. 

20 June, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To the man who led by example and showed me what it means to be a man, Dad, I love you and will always keep you in my heart.  And though you left this life far sooner than should have been, you're always looking over my shoulder, guiding me to make the correct decisions.  Thanks Ernie, father, mentor, good friend. 

18 June, 2010

Friday Fun Track Mystify Edition

Enjoy! It feels good to be getting back into the groove of regular posting.

17 June, 2010

Could the NRA be running a Machievellian play on the DISCLOSE act?

Uproar this week over the NRA seeking an exemption within the DISCLOSE act  has many a blogger and radio talk show host livid at the nation's first civil rights organization. 

With the NRA pulling it's opposition to the act with the exemption brokered by Heath Schuler D-NC, it has left other politically active organizations screaming rightly so bloody murder over what they'll be subjected to should this legislation pass. 

Perhaps the NRA is looking at this as a win-win.  If the DISCLOSE act passes with their exemption,  they're golden and can continue being the 800 lb gorilla in the gun rights room.  If the bill dies, they still get to run their campaigns. 

It's a mighty dangerous game to be playing with political free speech on the line with this bill.  One of the most cherished rights we as a nation hold is being casually bandied about by a single issue organization.  Thanks, but no thanks NRA.  You can pry my free speech from my cold dead tongue.

11 June, 2010

Heading deep into the rabbit hole that is....

Vicious Circle.   

It's the 'Worst' episode.  I swear to.... well, I swear that if you listen you'll find something.