17 June, 2010

Could the NRA be running a Machievellian play on the DISCLOSE act?

Uproar this week over the NRA seeking an exemption within the DISCLOSE act  has many a blogger and radio talk show host livid at the nation's first civil rights organization. 

With the NRA pulling it's opposition to the act with the exemption brokered by Heath Schuler D-NC, it has left other politically active organizations screaming rightly so bloody murder over what they'll be subjected to should this legislation pass. 

Perhaps the NRA is looking at this as a win-win.  If the DISCLOSE act passes with their exemption,  they're golden and can continue being the 800 lb gorilla in the gun rights room.  If the bill dies, they still get to run their campaigns. 

It's a mighty dangerous game to be playing with political free speech on the line with this bill.  One of the most cherished rights we as a nation hold is being casually bandied about by a single issue organization.  Thanks, but no thanks NRA.  You can pry my free speech from my cold dead tongue.

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