23 June, 2010

DISCLOSE(ure) just won't die

The congresscritters just don't seem to get it. An unpopular bill was partially overturned the last year by the Supreme Court regarding political free speech. 

Last week, the NRA tried to sell that specific enumerated right down the river by standing aside in regards to the DISCLOSE act.  After the NRA-ILA was inundated with phone calls from the rank and file expressing their displeasure with the NRA's stance, the NRA somewhat capitulated.

Now it seems the Democritters think they have enough votes to pass this blatant attempt to curb yours, mine, our free speech.  I swear I need to put my congressman's number on speed dial. 

1 comment:

RJIII said...

For years they've said you can't holler fire in a theater. Now they are changing it to the political theater, but there IS a fire.