21 June, 2010

Meanwhile at 2 United Nations Plaza....

While the NRA did attempted to sell out political free speech, the IANSA met for the 2010 Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms.

Among the guests of dishonor was George Soros lackey Rebecca Peters.  The text of the presentations are available by googling IANSA 2010 Biennial Meeting of States on Small Arms.  A particular chilling quote from her is this;

So we still need strong coordinated measures to limit the quantities and the types of
small arms that can be produced, imported and sold; and to regulate the purchase, use
and storage of these weapons, whether by governments or by civilians. These must be
underpinned by measures enabling the weapons to be tracked, removed and if necessary
destroyed to protect public safety.
So while a supposed defender of one aspect of our personal liberties was busy selling us down the river, more nefarious characters were plotting long term ways to take away our sacred Second Amendment rights.  Remember, ultimately the only defender of your rights, is you. 

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