22 April, 2010

I'm a gun owner, 2nd Amendment supporter & a public figure but....

April 19, Patriot's Day. The day most commonly associated with the shot that was heard round the world. April 19, the day a tyrannical government decided to torture children by steadily increasing the use of CS (tear gas) on helpless victims devoid of gas masks that would ultimately end with their deaths at the hands of the ATF and the FBI. April 19, the day the largest resistance by the Jews against the Nazi's began. April 19, the day a vile human being used a day steeped in noble resistance to commit a horrid act of terrorism against innocents. April 19, the day when people met in Washington D.C. to voice their support of the 2nd Amendment and in Virginia to exercise their right and voice their opinion in regards to their right to keep and bear arms.

And that brings me to one Mr John Ulett. John Ulett or the U Man as he is sometimes known is a long time KSHE DJ having been with the station continously since 1976. John wrote a short blog post on his questionable support of the 2nd Amendment.

#1) I am a supporter of the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I am a gun owner. I am considering getting a conceal and carry permit. I am not afraid Barak Obama is gonna come and take my guns and anyone who thinks so or spreads that rumor has nothing to base it on. He's done nothing as President to do anything like that. He's even said so. Granted, he is not a supporter of gun rights but he's said. He doesn't want to take away your damn guns. With that, I want to say, for right wing nut gun owners to protest in Washington with their guns in tow on the day of the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is a sickening act of Anti-Americanism. If you have any respect for our fellow citizens who died or were maimed in that horrendous domestic terrorist attack, you would not, ON THAT ANNIVERSARY, have marched with your gun to protest the U.S. government. There is a time and a place for a protest. The anniversary of the worst domestic terrorist attack on our country was NOT the day. The right wingers are losing touch with reality. Don't be among them. Let common sense prevail.

I am not certain if John is aware of these other significant historical events. Furthermore, I am not certain if he is aware that it is a crime for a citizen to carry openly or concealed an sort of firearm in the nation's capital. Either way, thanks,but no thanks Mr Ulett, your lukewarm support of the 2nd Amendment is something I and others can do without. You silly Fudd.

Should anyone wish to educate John Ulett in regards to these historical events, he can be reached via e-mail at johnu@stl.emmis.com

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