03 April, 2013

Kansas City MO mayor responds to my letter

I must say, I wasn't expecting much from Mayor James.   I don't live in his city and his contact form indicated that his office wouldn't respond to inquiries outside of those who work or reside in the KCMO area.  So, thank you Mayor James for responding quite promptly. 

I never held hope a large city mayor would renounce his membership in this organization.  And his response is pretty much what I expected.

Thank you very much for expressing your concerns on this issue. Even though we do not agree on this issue, I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with me. 

My position focuses specifically on gun violence, not the broad right to keep and bear arms.  I want to prevent illegal weapons from hitting our streets because these types of weapons are being used to kill the citizens of this City.  In addition, I will continue advocating for municipalities’ rights to access, use, and share data related to best practices in enforcement and for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to have full authority to effectively enforce laws on illegal guns.
So the mayor wants to prevent illegal weapons from hitting our streets.  What exactly is an illegal weapon? Also the phrase;  These types of weapons?   Again, what types of weapons?

Finally why does a municipality need access to firearms trace data?  It is not the municipality's business to know.  Rather, it would be a law enforcement issue.

And mayor, the BATFE, through the Fast & Furious program, failed miserably at enforcing the laws on the books.  In fact, at least one border agent died, and countless Mexican Nationals also.  All of this stems from the ATF losing track of firearms they were tasked with tracing and not allowing to cross the border.  

Again, Mayor James, I call on you to resign your membership in MAIG. 

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