07 May, 2012

Daily Show examines MO. HB 1621

Recently The Daily Show, through it's comedic premise highlighted HB 1621 here in Missouri. 

Featured was Representative Wanda Brown, the author of the bill was asked if anyone has ever been discriminated against by their employer for owning guns.  Ms. Brown could not cite an example, but rather claimed this was a preventative bill. It is there to stop any future occurences of discrimination by employers. 

Ms. Brown claims to be an adovcate for rights, but when asked, Missouri's only openly gay legislator Mike Colona claims that during previously introduced legislation strengthening LGBT rights concerning workplace protections, Ms. Brown voted against such legislation. 

Human rights are there for everyone.  People demand we codify these with laws and legislation.   We might not like what someone chooses to own or how they choose to live their life, but that doesn't mean we should deny them the chance to do so.  If you don't stand up for what someone else believes in, how can you ask them to stand up for what you do?

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