25 May, 2012

Begging to go to work, the curious case of why your interior designer goes through more hurdles than the local paramedic to earn a living..

Seeking permission to work, the idea of occupational licensing for a number of lower paying occupations is something many Americans are being required to seek now more than ever.  The Institute for Justice recently completed a study that delves into this subject.

Three states account for the greatest burdens, most licensed occupations and/or a combination of both.  Louisiana lists 71 out of the 102 studied occupations requiring licensing. Hawaii is the most burdensome and Arizona has the greatest combination of licensed occupations and licensing requirements. 

66 occupations have heavier licensing requirements than being an EMT,  literally someone who holds your life in their hands faces less licensing regulation than say, the most heavily regulated occupation. that of an interior designer. 

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