05 October, 2009

Pre Range, Range, & post Range Etiquette

When your friends invite you to go to the range, politely take them up on the offer. Making Sarah Brady cry and Josh Sugarmann contemplate that bottle of rum and sleeping pills should be every gun owners goal.

Don't stare off into space all butt hurt because your friend won't sell you his ammunition that is readily available at the local store. If you can afford the gun, you can afford the ammunition.

When you are called again the morning of the range trip, don't wait until two hours after I've already left to ask if I'm already gone. Especially since I called and invited you a second time.

Don't shoot across lanes. It's impolite at best to shoot at someone else's target and not exactly safe.

Don't call me about how someone else treated you when you ask them a question. You're a smart person and google is your friend. Try 'disassembly of a Ruger 10/22' and see what you come up with.

Don't be the person who was called and then call me at 10:45 pm bitching about a stupid question. Especially when I told you I was heading for bed. Do I wear black and white striped shirts. Referee is not in my friend description.

Hopefully this tip from Top Manners will assist you.


Old NFO said...

Oh... looks like you drew one of those 10% types that pisses EVERYBODY off... sorry...

Top of the Chain said...

NFO you have NO idea. :)