24 October, 2009

24 October Range Report

It was Dirty Harry day at the range, what with Bob's Taurus Raging Bull. He and I both have been jonesin' to shoot the thing, but at $30 a box for range ammo, that's a bit pricey. I've told him that if he buys the dies, I'd reload for the gun. So with 240 grain SWC's, 2 1/2 large pistol primers and 24 grains of H-110 I loaded 97 rounds of .44 Remington Magnum goodness. Holy Hell!!! The rounds were damn hot and left my hand stinging after every shot. The recipe is what is called for in the Hodgon's manual, but I'll be damned if I am going to try any more powder than the bare minimum. Bob, praised them as, "having a good kick." I can't wait til I load some more up.


Taupe of the Chain said...

That is one sweet looking .44 magnum.

Top Of The Chayne said...
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