16 October, 2009

Great Customer Service

The week before last I had taken my CZ P-07 out to the range. It had been a couple of weeks since I had the opportunity to shoot it. I've been working on basic rifle skills with my 10/22 and set the P-07 aside. In the course of shooting the gun, there is a spring rod that holds the trigger bar in tension so that it will operate the sear trip. The rod had come unsprung and was lost in the gravel at the range.

I sent the pistol in late last week to be repaired. This was the second time the gun has had to go in. The first was for a trigger that stuck in the fired position and was a known issue to the factory after the pistol was released to the public. CZ-USA fixed this problem and promptly returned my gun. This time around I didn't even have to wait a full week and I received an e-mail back that my gun was on its way back to me. Little did I know what was in store for me.

They had replaced the entire gun. Now also, the magazines were known to stick in the magazine well and again was a known issue that they were correcting. I never made a fuss about it as this was primarily a gun I use at the range. Apparently rather than fiddle fart around with the frame, they decided to supply a brand new gun. It is really gonna pain me to have to break in a new trigger all over again. :D

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