05 October, 2009

Blog roll additions

So I've found more people whose blog I enjoy reading.

JayG at MArooned is surviving in the Peoples Republic of Taxachussetts. Jay is an absolutely wonderfully crazy gun nut.

Snarky at Straight from the Snark's Mouth is a young lady surviving college where with the proper permissions can shoot a gun on campus. She'll also wow you with her sexy boots.

Lucrative Pain
hails from Las Vegas. She's a licensed massage therapist. Sorry fellas, happy endings are not part of her repertoire.

If you don't find yourself on the blogroll and would like to be added, please be sure to shoot me an e-mail at the address listed on the right hand side.


Jay G said...

"Jay is an absolutely wonderfully crazy gun nut."

{sniff}{sniff} You know all the right things to say...

Top of the Chain said...