25 October, 2009

Pullin the old switcheroo

So I've found this progressive blogger that is based in Kansas City. He's tried to blog about gun control but doesn't even know the players like the Violence Policy Center or MAIG. Sorry old boy, but do try and keep up.

On 14 October he posted a piece about growing the government more. He even quoted Ronald Reagan.

In disbelief he writes this;

"I thought I'd never quote Ronald Reagan but here goes: "There they go again."

He goes on with this;

"At what point will we stop growing government and its agencies and spending?"

In a post dated 24 October he has reversed course 180 degrees

Notice came yesterday from the US House of Representatives that a new agency is finally being created to "regulate home loans, credit cards, savings accounts and other financial services."

The agency is to be called the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Let's hope it has some teeth and can do its job and do it well.

Yet earlier he ponders why the existing agencies can't seem to get it done.

Here's a thought--between the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, the Commerce Department and the Consumer Protection Agency--all of which already exist, thank you very much-- couldn't one of those groups handle these functions, Mr. President?

There might be hope for him here;

Must we create yet another agency to do this work?

Then he goes on to rail against the corruption;

Considering what's happened to our banking, mortgage and credit sectors and what literally thousands of unscrupulous lenders did, first to their clients and then, ultimately, to our economy, what with our banking and credit crisis and collapse, it seems incredible anyone could voice any complaint about it.

Seems to me that they did exactly what the law asked them to do, lend to everyone regardless of shaky credit history. It all starts at the top and the government that creates these laws are the first that need to go.

I can agree with him on this point;

The thing is, we need to get the banking and insurance (and all other corporations and their lobbyists and money) out of our government.

It seems that in writing his 24 October post, he might be coming to his senses after being razzle dazzled by the globama.

First, it would be good to know if this important work couldn't be done within an existing agency, like Commerce or something, so we don't create yet another bureaucracy that ends up living for it's own success.

Second, unfortunately, it's not a sure thing that this consumer protection agency will be created. Bankers and their money being what they are--and our government being how it is, subject to yet more lobbyist's money, etc.--this may not get out of Congress. It's too early to tell.

Ultimately, there might be hope for him yet.


Taupe of the Chain said...

I don't see the connection between this blog post and 2A rights.

Top Of The Chayne said...

You have to look at the post through a dimensional rift to see the true meaning.