21 October, 2009

Random Wednesday thoughts

Why should I have the right to carry a gun?

Because a 2 1/2 ton Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor is a might heavy to carry on my hip

.44 Remington Magnum is a fun caliber to reload.

9mm, after reloading .44 is a pain in the ass to reload.

The Brady Bunch can go find a tall cliff to jump off of and take their bigoted agenda with them.

Josh Sugarmann and the VPC needs to join the Brady Bunch at said cliff

Reasonable 'gun control' is me putting 16 of 16 rounds in my magazine inside the paper circle at 25 yards.

We need to hit the reset button when it comes to the Congresscritters come fall 2010.

Wirecutter at Knuckledragger posts funny stuff, NSFW, but funny stuff.

JayG better get well real soon. He was missed yesterday. I hope you feel better real soon.

There's more stuff rattling around inside my head, but it's early and I have to head to work.


Jay G said...

Thanks buddy. Still outta commission today; I'll be sucking it up and visiting the doc at some point today...


Taupe of the Chain said...

Let's not blog just for the sake of blogging. I understand your "blog every day" thing, but let the posts be of use rather than just words put together.

Top Of The Chayne said...

It is a toss up whether this is more mindless than listening to Turk or not.

Top of the Chain said...

Everyone's a critic

Nick said...

Jeez. If I were able to post images in the comments, I'd post one of those "Internet. Serious Business." ones...

Top of the Chain said...

I hear ya Nick. :)