13 October, 2009

So if you're sitting on the fence, offer up a solution

Seriously, the people who open carry as part of their daily lives or do it to make a statement are getting it done. If you oppose open carry as a gun owner or are undecided, offer up an alternative. Just sayin'

Update: Upon further reflection, the recent open carrying of firearms has caused the media to go into PSH. They are a dying entity that should go away soon, so they're rhetoric can be marginalized. To my knowledge, the average person on the street hasn't started calling their local representatives to draft legislation banning open carry. That means they are implicitly approving of the practice. Think about that when you start saying open carry is a bad thing.


Alan said...

It works well in Virginia.

Bradley said...

But we might scare the sheep. But then again if that is truly scaring the sheep then need to A> grow the fuck up, and B> stop being scared of every damn thing!