23 October, 2009


Pretty strong statement made there, huh? Right now, the Obama Administration is attacking every civil liberty known to us.

1. Calling FOX news not a news organization. You might not agree with FOX news or even like them, but they do report on the news of the day. Who's next, something that Chris Matthews might say on MSNBC?

2. The Justice Department in matters of voting laws in the South are blocking a law, after a vote of 2 to 1 in favor of stopping partisan elections, in a town that is 65% black.

3. They are pursuing a global climate change treaty that would surrender US Sovereignty. We as ordinary citizens, would be subject to the laws of other countries. In effect, this would create a one world government with no democratic or republic process.

4. Your guns, make no mistake that Eric Holder would like nothing better than to reinstate the 'assault weapons' ban again.

I was inspired by reading this from Kevin at the Smallest Minority

There are parallels between the formerly Great Brittain and where we are today. If you can't see them for what they are after reading that, good luck when this house of cards falls.

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