13 October, 2009

blogroll additions

I'd like to welcome Nonsensical Multi Syllobic Words to the blogroll. A chex mix of survival skills, economics and snark make for interesting reading.

Lokidude of Redneck Command is another blog that comes from the Gunblogger Conspiracy. If for no other reason than the AWESOME poster at the top of the home page, you should be reading this blog.

Tractor Tracks, written by Farmgirl. She blogs about whatever is on her mind and doesn't take any crap.

And finally the gunblogger conspiracy. A blog about an IRC channel about blogs about guns. Warning; much adult content here. But, if you want to see where the gunbloggers go to let their hair down, this is the place.

If I am missing you from my blog, send me the URL and a brief description.

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