19 January, 2011

Them goalposts, they keep moving

When talking about gun control, the proponents of such will almost always use hyperbole to advance their agenda. When Josh Sugarmann coined the term "Assault Weapon" to use in pushing for the AWB of 1994, it was based on cosmetic appearances alone. Not a single mechanical function of one of these rifles helped to lump them into this arbitrary set. For years now, journalists keep blathering on about military style assault weapons. Now it seems there's a new category out there, police-style assault weapons.

So now, the Glock that Jared Lee Loughner purchased by lying on his 4473, is a police-style assault weapon? Beyond what David Codrea chroncicles at his website on police misbehavior, I doubt seriously the police routinely 'assault' anyone.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Glocks are found every day in gun safes, being worn by licensed concealed carry permit holders, and by police carrying out their duties. The gun is a tool. It ought to be treated as such. By not calling out those who would make up another term to cloud the debate is doing a disservice to the Second Amendment.

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