19 January, 2011

I am TJIC and a Buycott

Massachussetts has arbitrarily decided that the writer of a blog, in exercising his First Amendment right to infringe on his Second Amendment right by disarming him.

Travis is going to need money for the legal bills that are sure to follow. He runs an online comic book store. There are already comic book artists that are speaking out against him. What sweet irony would it be to buy something from Travis to help him make a living, that came from one of these bigoted fools?

Molon Labe!!

update: I kinda just banged out this post originally and didn't do the proper thing and credit the image. In it's current form, it comes from Borepatch. While I occasionally have a dim little flicker of something profound, Borepatch consistently hits Grand Slams out of the park.


TJIC said...

Thanks for your support!

TJIC said...

Btw, if comic books aren't your thing, I own and run a second business: SmartFlix.com.

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wirecutter said...

Dammit, Man! Let's get this rolling! How about an account (bank, paypal, SOMETHING) that we can post to help this Yankee Good Ol' Boy out, huh?
Let me know via my blog, we'll get this shit going and show some support.
Anything else I can do to help? You know my email....
- Wirecutter

TotC said...


You're welcome. And I actually went and bought a Battlestar Galactica graphic novel through your site.


That's a great idea, I personally like to combine capitalism with activism, hence the buycott.

TJIC said...


You're too kind!

Right now the legal fees are (fingers crossed!) likely to be just a few thousand dollars.

If I ever truly need charity, I will take it, but right now, there are lots of folks more deserving than me. I've got a house that I own, two sheds full of wood for the stove, and a freezer full of chicken and steaks.

Your thoughts are deeply appreciated, though!

Taupe of the Chain said...

Lessons learned:

1. Politicians hold too much power.

2. Massachusetts SUCKS!!!!!

The article posted said that Corcoran will not face any charges. Is this untrue?