04 January, 2011

How F*&%ing Many??

According to this WSJ article, state legislatures were keeping busy apparently.

State legislators passed about 31,000 news laws in 2010, down slightly from the previous year. Many of those laws took effect at the start of this year, and many reflect the potential misuse of computers.

31,000? Seriously, and that is down from 2009. I'd like to propose a law, every time from now on whenever a politick says something to the effect of, "We need a law that does, covers, addresses this...." someone takes said drain on productive society and not so gently explains in a direct and forceful that their political life depends upon them resisting this urge.

Should they see the light and say "We need to repeal this law." pet their tummy and tell em in a baby talk voice say, "thatsa good boy!"

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