25 January, 2011


We live in a time when the language surrounding Second Amendment rights are out of control in my opinion,” White said. “It takes real courage from someone like him to bring that up and talk about it in a public place.

This was Oklahoma City Ward 4 councilman Pete White commending the bigotry of Oklahoma City police chief Bill Citty. While others see it as courage, I see it as bigotry.

The chief calls for 'better' tracking of guns, particularly guns guns similiar to the M-16 military rifle. But I wonder what that tracking entails? Registration? maybe, confiscation, possibly?

I'd agree that the language coming from those that would infringed upon a natural and specific enumerated right is out of control. Perhaps Councilman White would like to address that by restricting the chiefs first amendment rights.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like a political statement to me... positioning himself for something???