03 January, 2011

Control Who? for the common good

Michael Kelly of McCarter & English recently published what he calls a wish list for the new year.

It seems that Mr. Kelly wants his friends in public office to think of the common good.

To my friends in public office, I distill my advice to one phrase: Think of the "common good," not what is best for a special interest group. "Unless we work for the common good, there won't be any."

When we expand civil causes of action to one class, the rest have to pay for it. And when we expand privileges to a few, the non-privileged have to live with the consequences.

Those who advocate the deregulation of handguns enjoy a benefit enjoyed by a few at the expense of the majority and to the detriment of the common good.

One has to wonder how many copies of Das Kapital Mr. Kelly has gone through. Classes and privileged few, why I'm a bit shocked the word bourgeoisie wasn't used.

My wish for the New Year, that people like Michael Kelly discover how wrong they truly are.


Old NFO said...

Amen... He's truly out there...

TotC said...

Way out past the lagrange point. Oh well, the chancellor of that Texas college did see the light. There is hope.