04 January, 2011

And Water is Wet

Missouri ranks 9th in Police Officer Deaths, not exactly a ringing endorsement if you wish to pursue a career in blue here, however the head of the Missouri FOP haf this to say.

Missouri has the dubious distinction of being among the top ten states where law enforcement officer were killed in the line of duty in 2010. The head of the Missouri FOP says he doesn't think conceal carry laws are the cause, it's criminals who have guns that are behind the deadly crimes. The group says it will  lobby state lawmakers to toughen penalties for those who use guns to commit crimes.

The Sugarmanns, Horowitzs, Bradys and Petersons would have you believe that the problem for the police is peaceably armed citizens flipping out and going on cop killing rampages.  It just doesn't happen.

Here's a more thorough piece


Robert Langham said...

Most police death and injuries are car wrecks.

TotC said...

Very True