22 September, 2009

Why, SIg Sauer do you mock those of the southpaw?

Why oh why? You build a gun, like the Mosquito that looks very much, if not identical to your large caliber handguns. It allows those on a budget to train with inexpensive ammunition. You were even thoughtful enough to provide for an ambidextrous safety on the gun. But, as I've stripped the gun down to the frame for it's very first full down scrubbing, I discover that the magazine release may be reversible. So, being the inquisitive guy that I am, I reverse everything around. Bonus points to you Sig for not making this an adventure in miniature tools. The grips are reattached, the slide put back in place, and voila, a magazine is inserted into.... Huh, what the? Why won't this go in all the way? A quick check down the magazine well reveals nothing protruding. A quick check of the magazine shows, ah there it is, the bump on the magazine for the magazine disconnect safety you've so thoughtfully provided. I understand you think I'm super bad ass and would drop my magazine in a scuffle with a bad guy so he can't shoot me without the mag in place. Thank you so much for looking out for me. No really, that's ok, I'll struggle through dropping magazines somehow.

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Taupe of the Chain said...

Quit whining about magazine disconnects, especially on a range toy like the Mosquito.