05 September, 2009

Hoplophobe Scrabble

Another Gun Blog defends against bigotry

Mikeb seems to be offended at being called a bigot.

He wants me to put my trust in hoplophobes. It seems that he want me and other gun owners to trust hoplophobes like himself. That is just not going to happen. I have no clue who he is – he is a stranger to me. Yes, I would be intimidated if I walked down the street and people were denying me my 2nd amendment rights because I DON’T KNOW THEM.

I don't know you MikeB. Would you defend my life with your's? What about your own life? If you're willing to throw it away when there are tools available to defend it, what gives you the right to forfeit it?


Old NFO said...

His own, that is up to him, but to have him throw mine away because of his attitude is NOT in my game plan...

Top of the Chain said...

Neither is it in mine.

Mike W. said...

He's entirely within his rights to choose not to exercise his RKBA, but the moment he advocates making me abide by his lifestyle choices we have a problem.

Thanks for the link!