10 September, 2009

And we thought a .50 was a big gun to shoot

The 22nd Annual Osage River Mountain Man Rendezvous and Muzzleloader Shootis happening Sept. 18-20 below Bagnell Dam in Central MO. Bagnell dam holds back the Lake of the Ozarks and generates quite a bit of power for Missouri. French Artillery, muzzleloader shooting and... Anvil Shooting. 100 lb hunks of metal and LOTS of gunpowder. Sounds like a good time.


Old NFO said...

Now THAT is people with WAY too much time on their hands...LOL

Top of the Chain said...

I might go just to see them shoot anvils. People who build trebouchets to chuck pumpkins ain't got nothing on these folks.

Michael said...

Um, yeah. Wile E. Coyote beware!