09 September, 2009

The argument that magazines cost too much.

Recently I was having a discussion with buddy B and he was lamenting the fact that magazines for his Ruger SR9 cost too much money. Buddy N has a rule that any of his first line guns have no less than seven magazines at any one time. I can understand his argument for having so many magazines. You never know when one might go tango uniform on you. One might get lost or stolen, springs and basepads blow out, etc. My other point is that if you ever go to sell the gun, you can use spare magazines as a selling point. Even if you split them out seperately, you will be able to make most, if not all of your money back.

Here's a deal I found for SR9 magazines $29.99 Not too shabby, and free shipping to boot.

For my CZ P-07 from the CZ Custom Shop $40.00. About what I paid for my third one direct from CZ-USA

And for buddy N, who I am preaching to the choir to, Sig Sauer magazines for a P229 $42.00
I don't know if he even has a P229 and I know he buys from someone in Texas, so maybe they give him a better deal.

Like James Rawles says, two is one and one is none. When it breaks, and your in a bind for a replacement, wouldn't it be better to have it on hand than maybe in stock at some place far away. Otherwise you're penny wise and pound foolish.


Nicholas said...

First, you can go ahead and call me Nick if you want - I don't think that will give too much away. ;-)

Yes, I like having a minimum of 7 mags per pistol, and you can never really have too many mags.

I don't have a P229, but I do have a P228 which uses the same mags as 9mm P229s. I get my mags from Top Gun Supply and/or CDNN. Sig mags cost me between $20-$25 each from those places. I buy the Mec-Gar mags for the P226 and P228 and ACT-MAG/Novak mags for the P220. I haven't had any problems with any of them. It is also worth mentioning that Mec-Gar is the OEM mag supplier for Sig Sauer now so Mec-Gar mags are pretty much factory/OEM mags.

Top of the Chain said...

Alright, from now on I'll refer to you as Nick. But buddy B still has this aversion to extra mags for his SR9. We know this. Maybe this will show him that extra factory mags can be found for a good price. Not the $50.00 he was lamenting. Now if I can just find a big CZ stocking retailer that I can do better than $40.00 a pop.

Mike W. said...

You don't have to buy factory SIG branded mags for the P229. Mec-Gar mags will work just as well (and in 9mm they hold 2 more rounds than the SIG mags.

I have both and actually prefer the P228/P229 Mecgars. They're 100% reliable and Mec-Gar makes Sigs mags (Sig just stamps their name on them and charges $10+ more per mag)

I highly recommend Greg Cote for mags. TGS is also great to deal with.