25 September, 2009

Random Friday Thoughts

It's actually Thursday evening as I write this. The following are on the Gerbil wheel that is spinning around my brain.

Facebook - I'm scared, seriously, I have to 'ask' someone to friend me on Facebook.

MacKenzie Phillips - I disdain Hollywood in general, but why is it every time I hear your name, it has to do with your heroin addiction? You and dad did the horizontal bop, seriously? No one cares.

I read a book about the Millenium Falcon. The author is James Luceno. The antagonist is a lawyer/art collector. The payoff is that I find out someone's made up history of the fictional ship. I wasted time, when all that really matters is that she made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs

When the owner of the gun store takes the Mini 30 out of your hand that you were ready to drop cash on, along with a Mini 14, you leave. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, leave and never give him a dime of your business again. I don't care how good his prices are.

A guy named Looney shoots himself in the head teaching his girlfriend about gun safety. I believe that is listed under irony in Webster's

My buddy Bob found an SKS for $200. Now that I've seen it, I am so jealous. I knew it was a great price when he told me. After seeing the gun, it's a grand price. Lucky him.

The GRPC is this weekend. I'll be attending. I don't think nutchecking Alan Gura is an option.

1 comment:

Mike W. said...

Make sure Bob knows to thoroughly clean out the firing pin channel before he shoots the SKS.

They sometimes get so filled up with dirt/gunk/cosmoline that the inertial firing pin gets stuck forward.