15 September, 2009

New Shooter Range

From the NRA

On Monday, September 21, the Warren County Commissioners will consider allowing a new outdoor youth shooting facility to be constructed. If approved by the Commissioners, the new range will be located in the southern part of Warren County and will provide new opportunities for youth-oriented shooting sports in the area. This range will give young, novice shooters the opportunity to learn proper firearm safety, hone their skills, and exercise their Second Amendment freedoms in a safe, controlled environment. The vote will take place at 2 p.m. at 107 W. Walton St. in Warrenton.

This is good news. Warren county currently only enjoys one public and one private club range each. Reifsnider conservation area is generally busy during the weekends and another range in the southern part of the county would take some pressure off of Reifsnider.


Taupe of the Chain said...

Let me see. So you want people to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in a "controlled" environment.

I believe that having government officials control our 2nd Amendment rights is what we are actually trying to NOT have.

Top of the Chain said...

Don't we, when we go to Logan or Reifsnider shoot in a 'controlled' environment? Are we not on a lane with a berm behind our targets. We can't just shoot down at the creek there at Reifsnider and expect to be there very long without a conservation warden writing up hefty fines.

But the mere fact of us owning guns is exercising our 2nd amendment rights. "Keep" and "bear" arms.

I would rather have new shooters learn proper gun handling skills in a controlled environment rather than the unsupervised ranges we frequent Taupe.