30 September, 2009

Freedom Culture

I was on Gun Nuts radio last night. WooHoo!! Breda and Jay G graciously allowed me to hang out after I updated everyone on the Gun Rights Policy Conference. The topic was the gun culture in your area. Many areas were represented. In JayG's own Massachusetts one must jump through many hoops just to own a firearm. Oleg Volk relates how he helped towards a family's purchase of a .22 rifle in California, but they have to wait ten days to pick it up. In Missouri, one gentleman relates starting a .22 rifle club and only three out of the 50 participants did not already own a firearm. Also, in Missouri, there is *GASP* an active open range on a college campus. Students, with the permission of the campus police can even shoot their personal firearms there.

But it is not just about owning a gun, it's our very freedom which is at stake. Gun owners probably understand this better than anyone right now. Please, when someone equates the second amendment to hunting, kindly ask where in the constitution is hunting mentioned? When someone berates you for holding a politically incorrect viewpoint, call them on it. When Montana tells the ATF to stay out of it's business in regards to firearms manufactured and sold in that state, that's fighting back. Liberty is for everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed, color, philosophy or liefestyle. Fight for it or who will fight for yours?


Jay G said...

Thanks for hangin' out with us, totc!

I think we had a great show last (OMG! OLEG!) and with any kind of luck this won't be the last time I get to fill in for the Harblz'd One...

Top of the Chain said...

You're welcome. and yes OMG OLEG!!!

Chris M said...

It was, indeed, a great show. Breda's really hitting her stride as a Gun Blog Radio DJ. And dittoes on OMG, OLEG!

That Missouri gun club was a 4H club, youths aged 8 - 16.

Hope to see you at the missouricarry.com picnic Oct. 3 in Jeff City at the Sportsmans Gun Club.

-- Chris M./brolin_1911a1