23 September, 2009

The failure of the first of THE FOUR RULES

It is simple, really, every gun is always loaded and treated as such. For example

MPERIAL, Mo. | An eastern Missouri man is dead after accidentally shooting himself while teaching firearms safety to his girlfriend.

So this gentleman wished to show his girlfriend firearms safety. Good for him, right? Hang on

The shooting happened Friday. Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer told the station that according to witnesses, Looney was demonstrating how to use the different safety mechanisms on several guns. Witnesses told authorities that Looney would put the guns to his head, ask his girlfriend if she thought the gun would go off, then pull the trigger.

I'm confused, was he wishing to teach her firearms safety or how to play Russian Roulette?

The safety mechanisms worked for the first two guns. But the third gun fired. Looney died Saturday at a hospital.

Well, two out of three isn't bad, or in this case, it was for Mr. Looney.

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