21 September, 2009

Tennessee Forcing Guns Into Parks?

From Paul Helmke's blog on 18 Sept. 2009

"We also discussed the nature of the Second Amendment after the Heller decision and how most gun violence prevention laws appear likely to withstand scrutiny under Justice Scalia’s majority opinion. One of the big stories in Tennessee, by the way, is also the move by approximately 70 cities and towns to opt out of Tennessee legislation forcing guns into parks."

Tennessee in passing the legislation did not include state wide pre-emption so individuals cities can and have opted out of this legislation. However, Mr Helmke's choice of words I find interesting that the legislation would force guns into parks. I wonder how anyone can 'force' a gun on someone. It would be like me going up to a Nashville resident, pointing a gun at them and saying, "Take this gun and carry it with you when you take your dog to the park or I'll shoot you." The language the Brady bunch and Paul Helmke use is misleading. While the fight is about guns, the weapons used are words. Don't let them define it.

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Old NFO said...

Excellent precis and yes words are the weapons here, along with skewed rationales.