22 September, 2009

Concealed Carry on Campus

Recently, the University of Missouri hosted a debate on Constitution day in regards to the Second Amendment. I have requested a transcript of the debate if possible. If I receive it, I'll post about it. Meanwhile, the schools paper, The Current, has on op-ed piece on concealed carry on campus. The title, Conceal and carry is less than comforting. is quite anti, but this is an opinion piece. One telling statement is this, "In a worst-case scenario of a gunman on campus, with armed students coming to the aid of their unarmed classmates, it would be simple for the situation to quickly escalate to violence."

Quickly escalate to violence? Is the gunman actively threatening or shooting people? If so, said violence is already occurring. The editors feel that an armed student body would confuse the situation. What would campus security do, if faced with an actively shooting gunman? They would visit violence upon that person as well. Force on force. An armed student body if presented with an immediate threat would likely have the gunman down on the ground bleeding out. Long before campus security could get there.

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Sevesteen said...

We have a history of what happens when a spree shooter meets armed resistance. In nearly every case (I cannot think of a single exception) once the spree shooter meets return fire, no other unarmed people are shot. It does not appear to matter if the defender is far outgunned--A 5 shot .38 vs. a rilfe seems to be enough to at least delay the shooter until police arrive.

I do not understand why they so often rely on conjecture when there is actual evidence.