11 September, 2009

Indifferent Rage

I try really hard not to go off into rants about the little things that are society's curveballs. And I really work hard not to sweat the small stuff. Today is different, there's a lot of bad energy, general ill will, or karma in the air. That being said, you've been forewarned.


When I walk up to you as you the cashier, I expect, Hi, Hello, Greetings, How are you this evening, day, morning, Friday whatever. Did your parents miss out on your basic social skills skillset? I mean come on man, looking at me like I've got the three foot growth of fungal toenail coming out of my forehead is not conducive to our coming exchange. Please is another word, it goes back to your obvious lack of social skills. In your favor, you were able to speak clearly the total I owed, $11.42. Easy enough. Which brings me to my next point. When I hand you $20.47, I don't want the two damned pennies back. Two from seven is five. So, $20.47 minus $11.42 is $9.05. I want the freakin nickel. I don't want three more pennies to add to my collection of the two I tried to give you. I blame your teacher for this for two things. First, learn to count change and count it back. It's a lost art and you'll impress the old ladies with it. Second, go back to school and slap the dumb idiot who made sure you weren't left behind. If you can't solve two from seven then they FAILED you and you FAIL for letting them do it to you.
Finally, thank you is the appropriate ending of our transaction, thanks in a casual kind of way. Just some sort of gracious acknowledgement of our fidicious exchange.



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Old NFO said...

Agree with the rant, it's getting worse and worse out there... sigh...