03 September, 2009

Facing down a hijacker

In a scenario eerily reminiscent of the early stages of Flight 93 one young man took it upon himself to insure his family's and classmates safety. Kaleb Eulls faced an armed 14 year old armed with his brain.

From Kaleb;

"I was just scared for the younger kids and my family that was on the bus," Eulls said. "I was just thinking things out step-by-step as quickly as I could. After we got to the school and watched the tape I just sat there thinking 'what in the world did I just do?' I just thought about what if this would have happened or if this would have happened? It was just crazy."

To say that what he did was a brave act is an understatement. He's very humble about it as well.
How many of us have the presence of mind to see to others safety first? How many of us would look that kind of danger in the face and still be able to act like he did. I won't call him a hero, he's very humble. I will say that whatever happens to him in life, he'll probably be able to cope with it.

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