01 September, 2009

Buycotts and Bison Burgers

Breda posted about it here. Dana Loesch helps to organize it. I'm all about free market capitalism.
As I drove in there was a Town & Country MO police cruiser sitting at the entrance to the shopping center. No doubt to ward off the right wing BMW driving extremists. My joke about Town & Country is that I was born in this affluent suburb of St. Louis with a silver spoon in my mouth. When the doctor found out my father was from Florissant, he yanked it out and put stainless steel in.

The event was just getting underway when I walked in the store. Nary a purple shirt astro turfed thug was to be seen. No protest signs were in evidence either. This was per the St. Louis tea parties wishes on the matter.

Wow! What a great store and the people were well behaved shoppers. Not like going to the local piggly wiggly and fighting for the last scrap of provel.

A delicious smell was wafting through the store which led me to the meat counter where I found gourmet bison burgers. The sample was awesome. Of course, no burger is complete without cheese. So off to the cheese counter I went. I found a cheese called Cotswald. My tastebuds burst forth in joy after tasting this bliss. Together, I might die of orgasmic culinary infarction.

I know this event was in response to the left's blow up over Whole Foods CEO's op ed piece in the WSJ. If Paul, a commenter on Breda's blog saw what I saw, his argument would die birthing. To the left, you just don't get it.

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