31 May, 2011

Who's we there Collectvisabe?

Wisconsin right now is a hotbed of Second Amendment activism.  The state's legislature and governor are both in favor of some kind of concealed carry.  And while constitutional carry would be sweet, I doubt it will happen.  For such an occurence would be unprecedented. Wisconsin is known as a progressive state, just not in that way. 

In the law enforcement community, there are those who oppose any form of concealed carry and those who see it as a logical part of the Second Amendment. Collectivist Police Chief Barry Weber of Wauwatosa opposed the measure and wishes to be all inclusive in who's to blame for crime.

 “My opinion is that as our society got so bad that the only way that we are going to feel safe is that everyone has got to have guns to deter more crime," he said. "I think that is a travesty and we all bear the blame for that."
The only blame I bear is that I didn't let my elected officials know in strong enough terms not to hire someone like this collecticrat.  

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