09 May, 2011

Very recently, the Illinois legislature voted on allowing concealed carry. Ultimately, it failed to pass with the required number of votes, and Governor Pat Quinn had already said he would veto it. He needn't worry as the legislation failed to garner enough votes.

Governor Quinn, in gloating over this 'victory' to disarm the citizenry finds it ironic that the legislation would be voted into law, the very same day that Illinois honors fallen police officers. As if peaceably armed citizens are directly responsible for the deaths of those policemen.

It is time for the good people of all states, including Illinois to let it be known that the people should be choosing how to conduct themselves in their persons, and their property, including having the means to defend the same. The blood in the streets argument is a valid one when tyrants pour it out and dance in it to further their rights denying agenda.

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